Bazaart MOD APK v1.20.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Bazaart Ltd.


Name Bazaart
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Last version 1.20.0
Size 158M
MOD Premium Unlocked
Category Art & Design
Developer Bazaart Ltd.
Google Play Link


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Bazaart MOD APK is a powerful photo editing tool that empowers users to unleash their creativity and produce stunning works of art. It is designed to cater to the needs of both amateur and professional photographers, offering a wide range of features and tools that enable users to enhance, edit, and manipulate their photos with ease. With it, users can easily transform their photos into masterpieces using advanced graphic techniques unavailable on other basic editing apps. 

Whether you're a professional photographer looking to add a personal touch to your work or an amateur photographer looking to improve your skills, it offers everything you need to create stunning and unique works of art. From basic editing tasks such as cropping, resizing, and adjusting brightness and contrast to more advanced features such as layering, masking, and blending, it provides users with the tools and flexibility to take their photos to the next level.

Advanced Graphic Techniques

It offers many advanced graphic techniques not available on other basic editing apps. Users can easily transform their photos into masterpieces using these techniques, such as layering, masking, blending, and more. These advanced techniques allow users to create unique and professional-looking photos and are perfect for those who want to take their photography skills to the next level.

Layering and Masking

It offers powerful layering and masking tools that allow users to combine multiple images and create complex compositions. With layering, users can easily add different elements to their photos, such as text, shapes, and graphics, and adjust the position and opacity of each layer.

Flexible Adjustment and Correction Tools

It provides users with various flexible adjustment and correction tools, including brightness and contrast, color balance, saturation, and more. It also offers various correction tools, such as red-eye removal, blemish correction, and lens distortion correction, which helps improve the photo's quality. The interface is designed to be straightforward, so even those new to photo editing can quickly learn how to use it.

Creative Collage Making

It allows users to create stunning collages, a great way to showcase multiple photos in one composition. Users can easily arrange their photos in various layouts, adjust the spacing and borders, and add text and graphics. It offers a wide range of advanced text and shapes overlays, perfect for adding captions, titles, and other text elements to your photos.

One-Tap Enhancements

It includes one-tap enhancements that allow users to quickly and easily improve the overall quality of their photos. These enhancements include features such as auto-correction, auto-level, and auto-contrast, which can help to bring out the best in your photos.

Stickers, Emojis, and Graphic Elements

It offers a wide range of stickers, emojis, and graphic elements that can be added to photos to give them a unique and creative look. These elements can be easily resized, rotated, and positioned and are perfect for adding a personal touch to your photos.

Easy Sharing and Export Options

This application makes sharing and exporting your photos easy, allowing you to quickly and easily share your creations with others. Users can easily export their photos in various file formats, including JPEG, PNG, and more, and share them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Support for High-Resolution Images

It supports high-resolution images, allowing users to work with photos with a high level of detail and clarity. It is perfect for professional photographers and those who want to create large prints of their photos.

Support for Various Image Formats

It supports various image formats, including JPEG, PNG, RAW, and more, making it easy to work with different photos. It allows users to import and edit their photos in their original format, preserving the quality and integrity of the image.

Works Seamlessly with Other Creative Tools

It seamlessly integrates with other creative tools, such as graphic design software, allowing users to import and export photos for further editing and manipulation easily. It is particularly useful for professionals who work with multiple tools and want to streamline their workflow.

Regularly Updated with New Features 

The application is regularly updated with new features and tools, ensuring that users always have access to the latest and most advanced editing features. It helps to ensure that the application stays current and relevant, providing users with the best editing experience.

Cloud-Based Access and Synchronization

It offers cloud-based access and synchronization, allowing users to easily access and edit their photos from any device at any time. This feature also allows for easy collaboration and sharing with others, making it perfect for professionals working on projects with a team.

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