Dragon Mania Legends

Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK v7.1.0m (Unlimited Coins and Gems)

Gameloft SE


Name Dragon Mania Legends
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 7.1.0m
Size 160M
MOD Unlimited Coins and Gems
Category Simulation
Developer Gameloft SE
Google Play Link com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftDOHM


Table of Contents

With unlimited money, gems, and coins, progress through the game quickly and easily. Build new habitats for even more dragons, unlock powerful battle moves and discover rare dragon species. Breed a display of remarkable dragons, master powerful attacks, and cross unknown lands in search of rare treasures - endless opportunities with unlimited money gem sand coins at your disposal. Join this mythical journey, ready your courage, and brave the immense power within.

Discover if you genuinely have what it takes to be crowned master dragon tamer! You can bring your fantasy to life, explore a magical world, and build an empire like never before. Create powerful dragons and take on epic battles against other players for glory or help allies in cooperative challenges. So get ready for a wild adventure as you embark on this epic journey. You can enjoy the excitement of being a master dragon tamer as you make your mark in this epic world. You can take flight on the ultimate battlefield and become an unstoppable force by transforming your dragons into deadly weapons. Assemble a squad with strategic accuracy, customizing them to fit your play style before taking other players direct in fast-paced PvP combat. Enjoy new levels and battles with these enhanced features. Unleash your creativity and build a fantastic world of dragons now.

Breeds of Dragons and Deep Combat

You can choose from various breeds of dragons to call your own and customize them with different colors, patterns, and abilities. Gather your dragons, allies of many other forces - each a legendary warrior with unique characters and loyalty. Declare war against enemies that seek to challenge your rule. Maximize strength by joining the armies in the alliance; become the top trainer and protect home & team from powerful enemies.

You can train and cherish special dragon allies, crafting them into challenging fighters to engage other commanders worldwide. Unleash an unstoppable combination of magical skills and tactical combat with dragon-on-dragon battles.

Cooperative Challenges

You prepare your crew for an adventure and see if you have what it takes to be the big squad. Team up with friends or join a guild to take on exciting cooperative challenges that promise massive rewards. You can join forces with other players' guilds to form even more formidable teams. You'll always have thrilling dragons to hunt, enemies to conquer, and treasures to discover.

Join the ultimate war to see who will be champion. Collect rare dragons, assemble allies, and strengthen your city. The time is now to join in an unforgettable journey of discovery and destruction.

Events and Contests

You can be a leader by uncovering secret dungeons. You can defeat crowds of powerful competitors in seasonal tournaments and earn exclusive prizes. Start competing now against challengers across the globe for victory in remarkable events. You can customize your character's look and features. Find the perfect weapon or armor piece for any situation, then power up with accessories and stat bonuses. Collect and combine various items for even more powerful effects.

Recruit partners and, form a powerful union, join forces in daring multiplayer attacks against fearsome enemies. You can strengthen bonds by organizing donations from other players for exclusive rewards. It's an adventure like no other. Explore an expansive world filled with exciting locations and mysterious beasts. Track down rare treasures or battle unique boss creatures for special rewards.

Support your Army of Dragons

Support your army of dragons every day with small actions. Show them love and affection, as they will feel your sincerity. Take them to school in Dragon Mania Legends and register for skill-training courses so that their abilities can reach extraordinary levels. With these efforts, your dragon friends will surely be an unstoppable force.

Enter a captivating empire of dragon species living in perfect unity. Uncover mysteries, wander through undiscovered places and learn how to care for these majestic creatures as you interact with them.

Mini Games

With the help of a feature that lets you use your dragon, you can play short games. It's your responsibility to keep your dragons occupied in your city, so play these games and amuse them. Play with various dragons in this feature's different games because you'll need their abilities to prevail in them. Gain bonus points by making your dragon happy.

Play this game to receive free, limitless diamonds in-game. You will receive an infinite supply of coins, diamonds, and rubies, which you can use to purchase anything you need for your city and dragons. The fact that there are no restrictions means you can spend as much money as you want on purchases.

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