DragonSky MOD APK v1.22.2 (Auto Merge/Fairy)



Name DragonSky
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 1.22.2
Size 595M
MOD Auto Merge/Fairy
Category Role Playing
Developer Com2uS
Google Play Link com.manacore.mod


Table of Contents

Its unique blend of idle and action gameplay offers a dynamic gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

As you embark on your journey, you'll be able to explore a vast and diverse world filled with danger at every turn. You'll need to master a wide range of weapons and skills to survive against the fierce enemies that stand in your way. The choice from swords and shields to guns and magic is yours as you build your character to suit your playstyle.

A dynamic blend of idle and action gameplay

It offers a unique blend of idle and action gameplay, allowing players to experience fast-paced combat and sluggish progression. It means that players can actively participate in battles, defeating enemies and completing quests, or they can let their character progress passively while they are away from the game. It adds a new layer of depth and strategy to the game, as players must decide how to balance active and idle gameplay to progress through the game most efficiently.

Players can also use idle progress to gather resources, level up and upgrade their character, weapons, and equipment even when they are not actively playing the game. It allows players to continue progressing even when they cannot play actively. It also features a variety of automated gameplay options, such as automatic battle and automatic resource gathering, which can aid in idle progression.

Vast and diverse world to explore

The world it inhabits is vast and varied, full of peril and adventure. Traveling to various locations and environments will allow players to face multiple enemies, challenges, and rewards. The game world is full of mysteries and secrets to uncover, giving players the impression that they are on a real adventure.

Different towns, cities, forests, mountains, dungeons, caves, and caverns are all accessible to players. Each location will offer foreign enemies and other challenges, requiring players to adapt their playstyle and strategy as they progress through the game. Players will also encounter NPCs (Non-Player Characters) that offer quests and side missions that can be completed for rewards.

Wide range of weapons and skills to master

Players will have many weapons and skills to master, including swords and shields, guns, and magic. These weapons and abilities can be upgraded and customized to suit each player's playstyle. With various weapons and skills to choose from, players must strategize and adapt to survive in the dangerous world.

Various weapon types are available to players with unique skills and abilities. Guns provide long-range combat and high firepower, whereas swords and shields provide close-range action and high defense. On the other hand, magic offers a wide range of skills that can be used on both the offensive and the defensive. These skills can increase attack power, deal more damage, or offer advantages like stealth or quick movement. By adjusting the skill tree for their character, players can select the skills they want to develop and concentrate on.

Challenging boss battles and unlockable abilities

Each boss in the game has different abilities and weaknesses, making for challenging boss fights for players to engage in. Players will be able to use new fighting techniques after defeating these bosses. These abilities will help players in their quests and give them an edge in battle.

Boss fights are intended to be difficult and demand players to use tactics and strategies to win. Players must become familiar with their attack patterns and weak spots to defeat the boss.  Once a boss has been defeated, the player can use newly unlocked skills and abilities in subsequent battles.  These abilities will give players an advantage in gameplay, making it easier to win games and progress through the game.  Players can upgrade their tools and weapons to fit their preferred playstyle.

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