Grow Castle

Grow Castle MOD APK v1.37.15 (Unlimited Money)



Name Grow Castle
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 1.37.15
Size 40M
MOD Unlimited Money
Category Arcade
Developer RAON GAMES
Google Play Link com.raongames.growcastle


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Grow Castle MOD APK continue to rank among the best and most engaging strategy games available for mobile devices, despite the genre having reached a peak in past years. In the early days of mobile gaming, there weren't many games with much depth, but modifications made it possible, and touch controls made it easier to play on displays. To put it another way, enjoying them on a phone is just as fun as enjoying them on a computer.

Players can upgrade for their castles in the tower defense game as hundreds of monster's rushes around them continually. Fortunately, each time you stop an enemy attack wave, you will get paid. With that money, you'll be able to enhance your Castle. Your Castle's defense system needs to be updated because doing so will provide your heroes more positions and give your specifications more life points. If you wish to fight monsters, you must have faith in these heroes. It requires careful planning rather than just maxing out one type of tower or troop, and it is actually enjoyable. Due to the wide variety of options that provide different alternate gameplay scenarios, this game differs from traditional tower defense games.

Best towers present in this app

There are different kind of towers in this game which you have to safe from the attack of enemies by killing them and earning different coins and gold. each tower has its own specialty and points. gamers can choose any kind of their favorite tower to defend, but it required to complete certain missions and levels to archive a particular tower. Frozen Tower is one of the best towers. It slows down enemy creatures, delaying their arrival to your tower. The Flame Tower, which increases critical damage by 50% and allows you to deal more damage to adversaries, is another useful feature. The Cannon and Homing Missile are very helpful towers since they can easily eliminate enemies in bunches due to their dispersion damage.

Different Kind of Heroes

There are various heroes available for purchase in this gaming app. Each hero in the game has a special ability that you can use. Heroes can also be upgraded to boost their stats and power. But before you enhance your heroes, it's imperative to make an effort to obtain them all. You do this because you want to subject each of your heroes to the greatest amount of testing.

How to Play

Be on your Castle at the beginning. As you improve your Castle, its health increases, making it more durable against destruction. As your Castle is upgraded, more slots become available for your troops. At the start, three heroes and shooters will be stationed at the back of the Castle to watch it. With each level of your Castle, there are more spots available. Raising the Castle's level also adds spaces for defense towers in addition to hero slots. This is why you should prioritize strengthening your fortress. But bear in mind that upgrades cost more the more you use them. Only upgrade once per wave as a result, and then invest the extra gold in heroes.


It is essential to raise the level of castles because the sole resource you can use in this game is gold. You can improve your Castle, add more archers, purchase new units, and do other things with gold. So, you'll always need a ton of gold huge be appropriately prepared for the next wave. You earn gold by defeating enemies. Even if you fall victim to a wave, you will still keep your gold. Therefore, even if you aren't quite strong enough to defeat the opposition, keep playing to earn gold. You can also obtain more gold by using skill points to advance the Bonus Gold skill. This increases the percentage of gold you get when you defeat enemies. And when you go to the higher kill level, it will increase your gold. Use the substantial gold incentives the game awards you for watching adverts. You can also buy the Trophy tower to increase the amount of gold you gain for each kill, though it's best to do this only initially. Keep your tower slot open so you can add later, stronger towers.

Game Graphics

The game has amazing graphics with every detail giving it the appearance of true survival. The game has all of the players' attention. They have a variety of realistic battle animations. If you want a challenging strategy game with fun, then this is the best gaming app for you.

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