Jurassic World: The Game

Jurassic World MOD APK v1.63.7 (Free Shopping)

Jam City, Inc.


Name Jurassic World: The Game
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 1.63.7
Size 41M
MOD Free Shopping
Category Simulation
Developer Jam City, Inc.
Google Play Link com.ludia.jurassicworld


Table of Contents

In Jurassic World: The Game, players can build and manage their own Jurassic World park, complete with attractions, facilities, and over 50 species of dinosaurs. Players must carefully manage resources and research to improve their parks while navigating the challenges and opportunities of running a successful dinosaur theme park.

In addition to building and managing their park, players can also collect and breed new species of dinosaurs, compete against other players in the arena, and explore the island to discover new species and complete special missions. With its engaging gameplay, Jurassic World: The Game offers players endless hours of entertainment and the chance to build the Jurassic World park of their dreams.

Building Your Jurassic World Park

Players can build and manage their own Jurassic World park in this APK application. This includes building attractions, such as a dinosaur petting zoo or a water park, and constructing facilities to care for the dinosaurs. Players must also ensure that the park is well-maintained by hiring staff and conducting research to improve their facilities.

Collecting and Breeding Dinosaurs

One of the game's main features is the ability to collect and breed different species of dinosaurs. Over 50 species of dinosaurs are available to collect, each with its unique appearance and abilities. Players can collect new species by completing missions, opening crates, or purchasing them with in-game currency.

Once players have collected a sufficient number of a particular species, they can breed them to create new, hybrid species. These hybrid species often have improved stats and abilities, making them more potent in battle.

Completing Missions and Challenges

To progress through the game, players must complete missions and challenges. These can range from building a particular facility to breeding a specific type of dinosaur. Completing missions and challenges earns players rewards, such as new species of dinosaurs or in-game currency.

Battling in the Arena

Players can also take part in fight against others in the stadium. Each player brings a team of dinosaurs to the battle, and the player who emerges victorious is determined by the strength and abilities of their dinosaurs. Winning battles earns players rewards, such as in-game currency and arena points, which can be used to unlock new dinosaurs and facilities.

Exploring the Island

Jurassic World: The Game features an interactive map of the island, which players can explore to discover new species of dinosaurs and complete special missions.

Customizing Your Park's Appearance

Numerous customization choices are available, including the opportunity to select the design of the park as well as the colour and theme of the buildings and decorations.Players can also unlock new customization options as they progress through the game, allowing them to personalize their park further.

The benefits of creating a visually appealing park are numerous. A well-designed park is more likely to attract visitors, which can increase the player's revenue. In addition, a visually appealing park can also increase the satisfaction of the player's staff and dinosaurs, leading to improved performance and efficiency.

Unlocking Achievements

By accomplishing various in-game objectives, such as gathering a specific number of dinosaur species or succeeding in a predetermined number of arena fights, players may gain achievements. This heading could cover the achievement system in the game, including the different types of achievements available and the rewards players can earn for unlocking them.

Participating in Tournaments

Various types of tournaments are available in the game, each with its own rules and rewards. Some tournaments may require players to use a specific team of dinosaurs, while others may have more open requirements. Regardless of the type of tournament, players can earn various rewards for participating, such as in-game currency, only species of dinosaurs, or other valuable items.

The tournament system in Jurassic World: The Game provides players with a competitive and engaging experience. Players can showcase their skills by participating in tournaments and earning valuable rewards while competing against other players.

Training and Evolving Dinosaurs

Players can train their dinosaurs in the app to improve their stats and abilities. This feature allows players to customize their dinosaur team, making them more potent in battle. Various training options are available, such as strength training to increase a dinosaur's attack power or speed training to increase its movement speed.

In addition to training, players can evolve their dinosaurs to unlock new abilities and transformations. Evolution allows players to take their dinosaurs to the next level and give them access to powerful new moves and abilities. Evolution requires specific resources and may only be available for certain species of dinosaurs.

The benefits of training and evolving dinosaurs are numerous. Improved stats and abilities can make a significant difference in battle, giving players an edge against other players. In addition, training and evolving dinosaurs can also increase their satisfaction, leading to improved performance and efficiency.

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