Lineage 2: Revolution

Lineage 2: Revolution MOD APK v1.38.10 (Fully Unlocked)



Name Lineage 2: Revolution
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 1.38.10
Size 98M
MOD Fully Unlocked
Category Role Playing
Developer Netmarble
Google Play Link com.netmarble.lin2ws


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Lineage 2: Revolution MOD APK brings you a thrilling experience on mobile devices. It has won the hearts of gamers across Korea. It is an immersive experience that brings a PC gaming level of realism to your pocket. You can choose from different classes, customise your character's skills and weapons, join an alliance, and epic battle monsters in PvE dungeons. The realm is vast and beautiful, ripe for exploration.

 You can traverse through diverse regions such as the Deathly volcanic Scar, the dark and deadly Dragon's Valley, or the majestic Elven Forest, all rendered with stunning realism. There are also fortresses, strongholds, and castles to conquer and defend. Players can join or create up to 50 members and challenge other families for control of valuable territory.

Explore a Massive World

Explore a massive world and gain control of fortresses, strongholds, and castles. Create powerful clans, form alliances, and wage war on your enemies for valuable territory. It's up to you to master the world and become a true leader. Customise your units, build your forces, and test your skills against other players in intense fighting. You can also acquire unique items, upgrade your units and improve your skills.

Explore unique environments, battle powerful monsters, solve puzzles and complete challenging quests in an expansive world. There are over 300 hours of main story missions, Side Quests, and mini-games to keep you engaged for days.

PvP Arena and Customization

Test your battle skills in the PvP Arena and earn rewards for winning. Unlock powerful items, weapons, and armour to equip your forces. Form or join guilds and alliances with up to 50 members—strategies with other players to devise the best plans to defeat powerful enemies. Gain access to exclusive items and resources by joining a guild or alliance.

Choose from hundreds of different unit types and customise them with powerful weapons and armour. Create your unique army to lead into battle and dominate the battlefield! Create your custom character with thousands of customisation options. Choose from dozens of skills like swordsmanship, archery, and magic to create a unique hero that fits your style of play. Interact with characters and choose your path through the interactive dialogue system.

Disputed Situations

You can work together to defeat strong bosses and complete objectives while earning rewards. Enjoy unique content only accessible through co-op missions. Win special prizes and bragging rights as you move up the leaderboards. Take on intense 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5 battles to prove who the most potent fighter is.

Strengthen relationships with other players in the same guild and team up for co-op missions or competitive events. Take special quests together, trade items, send messages and raise each level.

Unlimited Cash and Graphics

In-game currency can be purchased with real money or earned through various activities in the game. Use cash to buy powerful weapons and armour, upgrade your characters and unlock special items exclusive to cash purchasers. You can also use it to enter premium events and receive exclusive rewards.

Dynamic lighting and shadows create stunning visuals and bring the world to life. You can adventure through different locations, from lush forests and deserts to vast oceans and bustling cities. Explore the world in your way as you take on challenging missions, complete dynamic objectives, and engage in epic battles against powerful enemies. You can complete quests and objectives to progress through the story while uncovering secrets and unlocking unique rewards. Customise your character with different equipment, weapons, and special abilities, and then take them into battle.


Players choose one of the four character classes to start in this MMORPG, just like in other MMORPGs. Dwarf, Elf, Dark Elf, and Human are some of the character classes. They fit into various categories, including those of warriors, mages, and archers. Interestingly, this game lets you customise the character's appearance by changing their clothes and hairstyles. By completing the in-game tasks, you will improve.

It infused the game's colour and sound with excitement from the first minute. You can only maintain life by slaying monsters in a world filled with death and the sounds of monsters. Due to its mission system, you will quickly become an expert at the game's action. Additionally, it offers players a variety of backgrounds, including clan wars involving up to 60 players simultaneously, real-time PvP combat, and dungeon exploration. For those who are too lazy to press, the game offers Auto-Attack, like many MMORPGs. Additionally, it enables players to engage in clan-based combat.

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