Tempo MOD APK v4.11.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Tempo trend video editor with effects & music. Ltd


Name Tempo
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 4.11.0
Size 98M
MOD Premium Unlocked
Category Video players & editors
Developer Tempo trend video editor with effects & music. Ltd
Google Play Link com.tempo.video.edit


Table of Contents

Tempo MOD APK  offers a wide range of features, including advanced editing tools, a vast library of special effects, and the ability to add text, images, and audio to your videos. 

Tempo has a built-in video stabilisation function that helps eliminate camera shake and create smooth, steady footage. Whether you're a professional videographer or just someone who wants to create fun videos for social media, it has everything you need to make your videos stand out from the crowd.

Advanced Video Editing Tools

The software provides a comprehensive suite of advanced video editing tools that give users the flexibility and control they need to create professional-quality videos. The editing tools include a wide range of options for fine-tuning footage, including the ability to trim, cut, and splice clips and adjust colour, brightness, and contrast. Users can also use the software's multi-track timeline feature to layer multiple clips and add transitions and effects to create a polished final product. The software's advanced video editing tools also include keyframe animation, which allows users to create precise movements and adjustments within the video over time.

Special Effects Library

The software offers a vast library of special effects, including filters, transitions, and animations, that can enhance your videos' visual appeal. The special effects library offers a wide variety of options, from subtle filters that can enhance your videos' overall look and feel to more dramatic effects that create a sense of motion and depth. The software also includes a variety of transitions and animations that can be used to add visual interest and movement to your videos.

Text, Image, and Audio Integration

The software allows users to add text, images, and audio to their videos, making it easy to create professional-looking videos with captions, subtitles, and background music. The software's text and image integration features allow users to add titles, captions, and graphics to their videos. In contrast, the audio integration feature allows users to add background music and sound effects to enhance the audio experience. The software also includes a built-in audio editing tool that allows users to adjust the volume, add effects, and even record their voiceovers. These features allow users to create videos tailored to their specific needs and help make them stand out.

Video Stabilization

The software includes a powerful video stabilisation feature that helps to eliminate camera shake and create smooth, steady footage. It uses advanced algorithms to analyse the footage and make corrections to smooth out any camera movement, resulting in a more stable, professional-looking video. The video stabilisation feature is handy for videos on the move, such as outdoor sports or travel videos. It also allows users to correct any tilted or rotated footage, resulting in a more polished final product.

Social Media Sharing

The software allows users to easily export their videos to various popular social media platforms, making it easy to share your videos with friends and family. The software includes a built-in export feature that allows users to save their videos in various popular file formats, including MP4, AVI, and MOV. Additionally, the software allows users to share their videos with others by sending a link to the video via email or messaging platforms.

Friendly User Interface

The software's interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, with clear icons and simple menus that make it easy for users to find the tools and features they need. The interface is designed to be user-friendly, allowing users to create professional-quality videos without any prior experience easily.

High-Quality Output

The software produces high-quality output in various formats, including HD and 4K, so you can create videos that look great on any device. The software supports various video resolutions, including 4K, 1080p, 720p, and more. Users can create videos that look great on any device, whether a high-definition television or a smartphone. The software also supports a variety of aspect ratios, including 16:9 and 4:3, so users can create videos optimised for different platforms and devices. Additionally, the software includes a variety of export settings that allow users to optimise their videos for different platforms and devices, ensuring that the final product looks great no matter where it's viewed.


The software offers great flexibility to customise the video according to personal taste, allowing you to choose from various video templates, background music and video effects. The software includes a wide range of pre-made video templates that users can use as a starting point for their videos. These templates are fully customisable and include various styles, such as corporate, travel, and social media. Users can also choose from different background music and video effects to enhance their videos' overall look and feel.

Cloud Integration

It makes it easy for users to collaborate on video projects or share videos with others, regardless of where they are. The cloud integration also allows for easy backup of the videos, so users don't have to worry about losing their work due to a hard drive failure or another issue.


The software's collaboration feature allows multiple users to work on a single video project simultaneously, making it easy for teams to collaborate on video projects. It allows users to share their videos with others and get feedback on their work, making it easy to improve the final product. Additionally, the software includes a built-in chat feature that allows users to communicate while working on a project, which helps streamline the collaboration process. The collaboration feature also allows users to assign tasks and track progress, making it easy for teams to stay organised and on track.

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