The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats MOD APK v11.10.0 (Menu/Unlimited money, cost/Fast deploy)

PONOS Corporation

The Battle Cats MOD APK is an action-packed game that lets you build up your army of cats to battle against a variety of monsters. Customise your cats with different items and skills to fight against the enemy on levels.

Name The Battle Cats
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 11.10.0
Size 145M
MOD Menu/Unlimited money, cost/Fast deploy
Category Casual
Developer PONOS Corporation
Google Play Link


Table of Contents

The Battle Cats MOD APK is an exciting game for Android devices. The game features a wide range of unique cats with different abilities to help you defend your base against the enemy. The Earth is in turmoil as cats wage war against the inhabitants, conquering and controlling all nuclear power plants to provide access to time machines. Animals struggle valiantly against this onslaught, but their efforts remain unsuccessful; with each passing day, they inch ever closer to total defeat. Unleash fierce combos, combine cat-powers to unleash devastating ultimate, and battle your way through countless levels with unique enemies and massive bosses.

You can experience innovative gameplay with unique enemies, massive bosses, countless levels, and more. Collect over 300 cats from across the universe, and assemble your team to defeat the enemy. Strategically use powers to turn the tide of battle! As you progress, unlock new levels and battle against powerful opponents. Build your ultimate team of cats and fight for glory. Join the Cat Champions community today, and become the ultimate hero who saves the world from evil! Become a Cat Champion, and keep us all! Will you be up to the challenge? Join its community and get ready for the ultimate cat-fighting adventure.

Innovative Champion Cat-Powers

Cat Champions features exciting real-time battles. You can progress through levels and face increasingly powerful opponents, facing them head-on or using cat combos to turn the tide of battle. Assemble your ultimate team of cats and fight for glory! Explore a vibrant world full of different characters, from cat warriors and mages to swashbuckling pirates. Collect special items and craft equipment to help your cats in battle. Challenge other players in the arena for even more rewards. As you ascend levels, you can access new areas never seen before.

Each land contains distinct levels that must be conquered before claiming precious resources at its depths or discovering new battle units. The players can employ brilliant strategies: all it takes is selecting compatible cats according to every situation, but beware, each enemy defeated requires coins in return.

Over 300 Cats to Collect and Assemble

Choose from the numerous cats available to assemble your team of powerful cats. Upgrade your cats and unlock their abilities to take on enemies. Level them up and guide them on their journey from meowing kittens into mighty mousers – when they reach level 10, watch as all opponents tremble in fear before their tremendous powers. It offers a unique challenge - it uses diverse biomes to diversify enemies and more.

Utilise various skills like wide-area supports at any given time while collecting new marvels that evolve with player progress. Take advantage of this dynamic strategy RPG and help take down those pesky monsters in style. Get ready to collect battle & survive - the fate of the battle cats is in your hands. Get equipped and prepare for a long fight as you take on each stage that waits for you.

Customise your Home Base

When not fighting for survival, customise your cats' home base however you want. Use materials found during battles to build beautiful structures and improve their defensive capabilities or upgrade existing systems with items to unlock powerful bonuses. Your cats will thank you for the extra protection.

Venture beyond your home and explore the expansive world around you. Encounter powerful monsters, discover hidden treasures, and uncover secrets of ancient civilisations as you trek across the land. Each journey has a chance to level up your cats and enhance their skills with items or materials found in chests along the way.

Join the Cat Community and Compete

Join the global Cat Community and compete against other players to become one of the best battle cats. You are within your existing cats instead of getting and as you progress through the new game one each time. Unlock these hidden gifts with perseverance - it may take some effort but trust us when we say you won't be disappointed. The results will prove worth it: more outstanding stats and capabilities to help build better teams under challenging conditions. Invest in research on unlocking powerful resources, as no enemy stands against you.

Compete in different events and challenges to prove your worth and show off your cat skills. Earn rewards and achieve various achievements as you progress through each difficulty level. Unlock exclusive cats, new abilities, and rare items along the way. Battle against other players and make sure to come out on top to earn bragging rights.

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