YouTube ReVanced

YouTube ReVanced MOD APK v17.49.37 (Premium Unlocked, No ADS)


YouTube ReVanced MOD APK is a third-party YouTube app for Android devices that offers several additional features and improvements over the official YouTube app.

Name YouTube ReVanced
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 17.49.37
Size 60M
MOD Premium Unlocked, No ADS
Category Entertainment
Developer Vanced
Google Play Link


Table of Contents

Some features include a built-in ad blocker, playing videos in the background, and support for multiple audio tracks and subtitles. Instead, it must be downloaded and installed manually from a third-party source.

Ad Blocker

This ad blocker is designed to help users avoid seeing unwanted ads while using the app to watch videos. When the ad blocker is enabled, it will automatically block ads from appearing on the screen while a video is playing. It can help users enjoy a more seamless and uninterrupted viewing experience, as they won't have to deal with frequent ad interruptions.

The ad blocker can be turned on or off at any time, depending on the user's preference. Its ad blocker feature may not be 100% effective at blocking all ads and may only work for some users. However, it can still be a valuable tool for many users who want to avoid seeing ads while using the app.

Background Playback

It means that users can continue to listen to the audio from a video even if the app is not actively open or if the phone is locked. It can benefit users who want to listen to music or other audio-based content on YouTube while doing other tasks, such as working, exercising, or commuting.

To use the background playback feature in it, users need to start playing a video as they usually would. Then, they can minimise the app or lock their phone, and the audio from the video will continue to play. Users can also control the audio from the notification bar, where they can pause, skip, or adjust the volume of the audio.

Multiple Audio Tracks and Subtitles

Users can switch between different language options or select from multiple audio tracks if they are available for a particular video. It can be helpful for users who prefer to watch videos in a language other than the one in which they were initially recorded or for those who are hard of hearing and need subtitles to follow along with the video.

To use the multiple audio tracks and subtitles feature in it, users must start playing a video as they usually would. Then, they can tap on the audio and subtitle icons in the bottom-right corner of the screen to access the options for changing the audio track or subtitles. If multiple audio tracks or subtitle options are available for the video, users can select the one they prefer from the menu. The icons will not be displayed if only one audio track or subtitle option is available.


Users can access the app's settings menu and select the "Appearance" option to customise its appearance. From here, they can choose various customisation options, such as the theme colour, font size, and more. The specific customisation options available may vary depending on the app's version. Some of the customisation options that may be available in it include its theme colour.

Users can choose from a range of theme colours to change the overall colour scheme of the app. Users can adjust the app's font size to make reading more comfortable. Users can choose different layout options to customise how the app looks and feels.

Improved User Interface

It is designed to be more intuitive and easier to use, with a cleaner and more modern design. It makes it easier for users to find what they want and accesses the features they want. The app has a clean and contemporary design with a minimalist aesthetic that helps users focus on the content they are watching.

Users can customise the app's layout to suit their preferences, including the position of the video player and other elements. Designed to use fewer resources and perform better than the official YouTube app, which can help reduce battery usage and improve overall performance.

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